Tips For A Fast House Sale
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Tips for a fast house sale

Trying to make a fast home sale can get pretty stressful, especially if your house has yet to attract any offers despite having listed the property for months – more so if there have been several unsuccessful viewings. Rather than give up and just hope for the best, you should check out our hot tips below that will make your house become instantly more appealing to buyers.



Make a strong first impression


Don’t believe what they tell you - people judge a book by the cover all the time. The first impressions we make on people and places permanently influence our perception. It’s a similar thing for houses. Regardless of whether a prospective buyer first saw your house online or in person, a bad first impression will almost always ruin any chance of a sale.


Clean and Tidy


So how should you go about creating a positive, even amazing, first impression? First off, make sure your entire house is clean and tidy. Arrange all the furniture symmetrically, pick up any toys from the floor, sweep the floor clean – you know, the usual stuff. Don’t forget about the garden and lawn as well. Mow the grass, rake the dead leaves to a pile, and pick up any litters off the grass. If you have the budget for it, paint the walls of your house and gates. The façade of a property plays a huge role in getting people to give a second look. There’s probably nothing more off-putting to buyers than faded paint, mouldy spots, and dingy looking doors and gates.


The Right Colours


Speaking of paint jobs, the right colours play an important psychological role in general perception. Light, bright and airy colours give an impression of space, while dark tones tend to visually contract space. Light tones also appear less stressful and safe, and tend to keep viewers around longer (which is a good thing, because the longer a prospective client is in the house, the higher the chances of them making a purchase). This also applies to large decorative items such as rugs, display cabinets and paintings.


Additionally, the lovely shade that your tree gives during hot summer afternoons might seem dark and foreboding to a stranger. So make a point to solicit a friend’s opinion – what you like may not be what other’s might enjoy.


Lights, Camera, Action!


When interested parties come for viewings, turn on all the lights in the house. If there are subdued light bulbs, replace them. Draw back all the curtains and shades, and when possible, open up all the windows. Every little bit of light counts.


In addition, when posting images of your house online, always remember to include a couple night time shots – with all the lights turned on, including in the garden. If you have any Christmas lights, hang them up strategically as well for the festive effect. With good lighting, any property will always look better at night, possibly due to the dark background.


Good luck!