Get A Quick Boost To House Prices
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Get a quick boost to house prices

The prices for houses are generally determined by market forces, and aside from the occasional outlier, they usually fall within a standard price band. However, there are a few improvements you can make that will quickly increase the value of your home.


If you are not looking for a fast house sale, and instead, are focused on generating maximum profit for your property, here are three steps you can take to increase its value.



1. Landscaping


Studies have shown that homes with structured landscaping tend to record higher selling prices. Here’s the thing though – it doesn’t have to be a comprehensive project. You can start a landscaping project on a shoestring budget and reap the rewards in as fast as six months.


One of the easiest ways to get started is by creating borders in your lawn. Simply dig a trench around the lawn or garden, and fill it with good quality rocks. It costs nothing, but done properly, it has the ability to enhance the appearance of your lawn, especially if you have a good quality grass (the greener and finer the better).


Another simple approach is to plant rows of fast growing perennials plants like hardy geranium and Erysimum 'Bowles's Mauve' in strategic locations around the house, such as along the fence or driveway. They take just several months to grow, and timed correctly, they could bloom just as potential customers come around for viewings. The bright, vibrant colours will create a lovely depth to the façade of your home.


2. Solar Panels


Many are a little intimidated by solar panels, but they are one of the best long-term investments you can make in your home. Not only will solar panels increase the value of your home (more than the invested amount), they will also start to save your electricity bill from the first month of operation.


The best part is, the prices have dropped considerably compared to just a decade ago, even with the recent reduction in government subsidy. A basic 10 square meter (86 square foot) roof panel setup can be purchased from prices as low as £2,000! Even if you own a larger house or have higher electricity consumption, a 30 square meter (323 square feet) installation will rarely go beyond £6,000.


Prospective buyers who are not familiar with the technology will be very intrigued at the prospect of owning a home with solar panels. Plus, they will be thinking at the long-term savings they will enjoy.


3. Fountains, figurines and statues


Homes with fountains and figurines hint a touch of class and sophistication of its occupants. Small wonder then that houses with such decorations in the garden and lawn sell more than 10% higher compared to the average homes. People really do want to be seen as deep and sophisticated, so make sure to explain to prospective buyers the theme and hidden motif of the designs at your home. Associate the fountains and ornaments to an aspect of ancient Rome or Greece – the cradle of Western civilisation tend to attract a higher selling price.